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2010 Season under way by booned
03/19/2010, 11:10 AM
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The first post of the season, I feel so honored.

Heading to Philadelphia this weekend with Karl, Andrew, and Jaime, where it’s always sunny. Compared to the weekends before this is a lighter trip; we’d averaged about 12 people the past two weekends. For all those not getting Karl’s emails, here’s a quick recap of Rutgers. Columbia’s recap is yet to come.


We headed out for the first trip the Friday of Spring break down to the Dirty Jerz. After a few well-timed bathroom breaks, we got there around 7 and quickly scouted a place to eat. We found a place called Espo’s and tried to make a reservation, but the manager laughed us off for some reason. When we got there it quickly became apparent why he had done so. Espo’s, as it turns out, was a building the size of a dorm in Walsh, and in it were strategically placed tables and ill-proportioned waiters. While we were waiting for the various pastas we had ordered to arrive, we gathered in the scene before us: twenty or so drunken bar misfits, a blonde with the largest tramp stamp known to man, and several lonely looking 70-year old men who, presumably, had not left the shanty in weeks. Once we had finished eating, we returned to the hotel where Karl shaved his legs.

After waking up the morning of the first race, we headed down to a meager Super 8 breakfast of english muffins and coffee, packed the bikes, and headed to the park for the ITT. We turned in some decent results for the time trial, with some getting their first taste of a collegiate race. Then we headed to Busch campus for the crit; by that time the sun was poking through the clouds and making for a very nice day of cycling weather. The first few races went without a hitch until it came time for Men’s C’s, where two guys decided to tag team Andrew Mina and put him to the pavement. Alas, we hope the first race was not your last. In their first race in B’s, Karl and Andrew turned in outstanding results; Andrew dusted most of the competition and got a nice 5th place finish, and Karl came across the finish line not far after. We returned to the hotel where we found a modest establishment to eat: Muscle Maker Grill. They actually had shelves of protein powder in the restaurant and each of us came away with a profound appreciation of Super Sandwiches and Power Pastas.

We prepared ourselves for the circuit race the next morning and took off towards another part of the Rutgers campus. Once again the sun was out, making for some very red faces and necks at the end of the day. BC Cycling turned in some more solid results, and no one crashed during the day. Once Rebecca was finished in Women’s B’s, we packed up the trusty KarlKar and headed back to school. After a slight detour to Starbucks/Target, we arrived back at around 6, just enough time to mentally prepare ourselves for returning to classes the next day.

That’s it for now, it’s time to head to Philly. We’ll be bringing back cheesesteaks and Tastykakes for anyone who requests them (may the cycling gods not become enraged and let them have mercy on your poor souls). Until then, Peace, Slainte, and stay classy.


The day the carbon died by dpnation
05/05/2009, 10:12 AM
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So the grand finale took place at State College, PA for the ECCC Championships. In our most lopsided showing yet, four ladies (Amanda, Chelsea, Dana & Jaime) and Chris made the long haul to Penn State. Big Pimpin, indeed. Goal for the weekend: don’t draft off Delaware.

Saturday can generally be considered a bust. We should’ve taken a hint when Google Maps and Garmin had no idea that I-99 was a completely new highway with no exits. Chris’ bad luck continued when another rider took out him and a handful of other D riders, and to top things off, the carbon broke. RIP, Barbara Anne.

The women’s road race had less carnage but a showing of EPIC stupidity. A truck decided to park itself in front of the finish line while racers were sprinting in. When you’re flying in at 25+ and trying to beat others to the line, the last thing you want to see is a PARKED TRUCK in the middle of the road (and a yellow line rule forcefully in effect). I had to hit the brakes and lost out on what would have been an awesome sprint showdown.

It’d be one thing if I was the 50th person coming in, by myself, and traffic was back on the roads. This was the TOP TEN. In the championship race. Absolutely unacceptable. Why no officials or anyone in the area made it get out of the way is beyond me. To top things off, when the truck finally moved, they gave me the finger as they went by. You know, cause I haven’t been busting my butt for the last hour and you didn’t just ruin my sprint finish, ability to place higher and last cycling race ever, I was clearly in the wrong. You stay classy, Penn State. Epic. Fail. [/rant]

Chelsea and Amanda in the Women's B Crit

With BA out of commission, Chris took up the role as team photographer and man-servant for the Women’s B’s in Sunday’s crit. With crappy staging, the race was almost over before it started. A bunch of us got stuck behind people who haven’t figured out how to clip in yet, and in typical Women’s B fashion, the front part took off from the start.

The course itself was fun and fast but difficult to bridge a significant setback from the start. There was even some pacelining in Women’s B!? One thing we still haven’t figured out yet, is when you are switching off on pulls, if you jump back in the middle rather than go to the back of the group, the people in the back aren’t ever going to make it to the front to pull. People are more than happy to pull, but you gotta let them get up there to do it.

My chase group finally got in sight of the front group of 5 with two laps to go, but it was still too far to bridge, so we had our own sprint finish (sans truck) and I got 7th. Which, for the record, means that I’ve finished this season with no crashes (albeit two close calls) or broken bones. VICTORY!

Back to reality: finals, projects, pending unemployment..

Also: this is unrelated.. but after perusing the final standings of the ECCC, I’m confused how a girl from Kutztown scores points in Women’s A in Columbia Crit (10th) then won the Philly RR in Women’s B a couple weeks later? How did she get to downgrade after scoring points in A’s? Or more importantly, why the sandbagging?

Women’s B Crit pics
Results – Road Race, Crit, Overall ECCC standings
And don’t forget to vote in the ECCC end of the season survey

Not sure when or where the end of season gathering is but I vote Thursday. At somewhere that isn’t my apartment.


No swine flu, just Bacon St. by dpnation
04/28/2009, 10:09 PM
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This past weekend we had our quasi local race, the Beanpot X-Pot 3-D, hosted by our neighbors across the river, MIT. In case you were ever wondering where Westminster, MA is (we weren’t), it’s about an hour away from the Bean. An area known for Johnny Appleseed, Crackers and BACON ST!

Im moving here. I dont even know where here is.

I'm moving here. I don't even know where here is.

There was some amazing weather (80+ both days) that resulted in a rash of farmers tans and/or sunburns.The road race took us up by the Wachusetts mountain ski area (x4) and yikes that was pretty brutal. Oh, and just to echo Joe Kopena’s post on taking hands off handlebars, there’s really no need for anyone to ride half the road race with their hands off the bars. Good for you, you can ride with no hands. But do your yoga stretches some other time and away from a whole group of riders in the middle of a race.

Andrew limbers up for his race

Sunday’s crit had fewer ski mountains but sketchy turns aplenty (just ask our Rubber Side Down-elect Chris about that). In the Women’s B crit, someone decided it would be great to crash out on the first lap. Fortunately, I was able to come to a screeching halt before running over the downed rider and Sweet Baby Rids and I escaped for the most part unscathed. Very messily I got my chain back on (white kits are not great in times like these) and headed to the pit to get my free lap. As 3 other B riders and I waited to get put back in, a very astute bystander observed that the 4 free lappers represented all the Boston schools. Yup, Harvard, MIT, BU and BC in attendance — which must go down in ECCC history. Our legacy went was immortalized on said person’s camera, if only I knew who that was.

Women's B Crit

It was a great weekend for pointage for the White Lightning from Chestnut Hill:

Andrew – 3rd in Men’s C crit (13 points), 1 prime point
Karl – 13th in Men’s C crit, 8th in road race (5 points)
Dana – 2nd in Women’s B crit (35 points), 2 prime points, 7th in road race (21 points)

Next weekend we’re taking the epic 7.5 hour road trip to State College, PA for the grand finale (now we’ll know how Pitt feels every weekend). According to Google Maps, we’re headed right through Scranton. I hope we can stop to take a tour of Dunder Mifflin.

Easter = torrential downpours + hills + free porn by dpnation
04/12/2009, 8:35 PM
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Coming at ya, your always punctual and better spelling blogging cyclist, Le Prep. This weekend was Yale’s Lux et Velocitas. Our now regular home away from home one-upped its previous visits, not only with its proximity to wings, but also the fact that the girls room inexplicably had free porn the whole weekend. Now maybe our reaction was a bit overboard (shrieking and fleeing from the room in horror), but what can I say, we are classy broads who prefer pillow fights and giggling over gossip in hotels instead.

Saturday’s races were more like a triathlon with the swimming and cycling disciplines combined. Does Oakley sell sunglasses with wipers? Target Market: cyclists riding during the month of April in the northeast. Trust me, I’m an MBA.

After pizza and a cannoli (we tried to go to Pepe’s but were denied in our quest to feed 9 people at once), we came upon the greatest license plate ever. (Although, this one is pretty good too, but we didn’t see it in person.)

Sunday’s crit actually saw the sun and some tornado-like windgusts (Northeastern’s tent took off like a kite), but it was a massive improvement given the appearance of the sun, so we’ll take it. Which brings us to our next topic:

Attn: Women’s B:

The hazards of Womens B

The hazards of Women's B (pic stolen from Columbia)

1) What the heck happened on turn 5? My favorite person to draft off of (if she’s showered) suffered some massive carnage and doesn’t remember a thing. Anyone see what happened? (My buddy has percocet right now, so she won’t be mad.. she’s just curious. I know, just what we need.. another Ivy Leaguer on prescription painkillers..). In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to make those first-lap breaks solo. Anyone with details can hit me up on Facebook or if you’re the paranoid type, leave an anonymous comment below.

2) An addendum to the previous PSA post: If you have spent the last two weekends getting yelled at by numerous other B riders about your inability to corner in a crit, maybe you should take note take a freakin hint. I’m sure some Columbia riders would be happy to name a name, but hopefully this passive aggressive request will be heeded. Until then, know that those angry glares really are being directed towards you.

There should be pics from Sunday making their way to the interwebs soon, but in the meantime you can occupy yourself by checking out the Washington Post’s 3rd annual Peeps contest. Note that #29 uses bicycle parts.

Next week we head to Dartmouth’s L’Enfer du Nord (not to be confused with the real L’Enfer du Nord). But hey, we’re totally cool with a road race sans cobblestones. Happy to leave that one to the pros.

– Dana

Peecups and Photo Finishes by chrisrak
03/18/2009, 10:11 PM
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By Chris

So its 9pm I have a 5 page paper on a book that I have not even opened the cover of yet due in the morning so what am I doing, duh blogging. Now I know that BC already has a recap of the weekends events but this post will have more embellishments and less chicken fingers.

I will start where all race weekends starts with the drive down. First let me tell you we were driving to Piscataway, NJ because we don’t like change and have booked that Motel 6 for the entirety of the ECCC race season including the Boston races. But anyways since the van got an early start we decided to go 95 the whole way. This was a fine option until we hit ol’ NYC and were stuck in traffic for a solid 12 hours or maybe less but it definitely felt like it, it felt like even more to one racer whose nickname is now been changed to Pee-pod. To spare you the gruesome details lets just say that’s one coffee cup I would never like to see again. Eventually after playing some license plate games we made it to our destination. You have already heard about the craziness that happened in the girls’ room. The guys’ room wasn’t as eventful although Matt “Hairball” Nole may have to get a new nickname but has become such a more legit cyclist.

Grant’s Tomb was in the morning and we were all ready to get racing. At the race we ran into Alan Rego, our former and possibly current? racer.  Also everyones family showed up to the race because I guess in order to be a member of BC cycling at least one blood relative must live in New York. After a short delay which allowed us to watch all the races, our first riders prepared to get to riding in the Men’s D race. The race went really welly including a photo finish 2nd place for Chris “Diesel” Rakovic


Even if Arjun told the entire team that Matt “Hairball” Nole had came in second, never doubt Diesel.  By the way taking a photo finish sprint for any place is completely bad ass, I mean look at that margin of victory.  Also if you are unsure if you got that high place just scream really loudly and the announcers will think that you got it, it also helps if you do actually win that sprint.

After that “The Cannibal” had a pretty uneventful race finish.  Our women’s team were next to roll out 5 deep in their B field. Their race was…eh ask them about it, I thought they were looking great but I guess there were some crashes that disrupted their race. We shall not get into that now because I mean the team and blog are dominated by the ladies and we need to have some more testosterone.

After the race it was off to a deluxe upartment in the sky. Where we gorged ourselves on much delicious food and most of us felt very much out classed and too stinky for such a great reception.

We arrived at the Steven’s crit the next day and immediately were terrified and began to take odds on who was going to die today. Dana had 1 to 3 odds, Hooters was at around 2 to 5 due to her previous day and Diesel was 5 to 1 odds. Surprisingly we all kept that rubber side down. Anyways we had another photo finish


Finishing photos are just friggin awesome.

On the way home no one wanted to get in the winner’s car because they all felt ashamed to be around such glory, but we told them Diesel and The Cannibal (who is finally accepting his name) do not care that you aren’t awesome its alright. Not eveyone can be fast and good looking, but if you ride with us maybe some of it will rub off on you.

To wrap the weekend up in a short couple of sentences because frankly I am pretty sure this is jiberish due to the fact that I wrote this piece by piece over a couple days. First the ride down was long and disgusting, we will never look at you the same Peepod. The Columbia was fast and amazing. The Stevens course was very challenging and if some people (read me) would have just Cowboyed up then it could have been an even better race, unless you are the Cannibal because he eat up that field. My brother came to both races and learned a whole hell of a lot about the sport and probably expanded his vocabulary a bunch, which is tough to do for a journalist.


Dual State Showdown by dpnation

Blue Hen Dual State Showdown
Presented by the University of Delaware
March 21 – 22

Saturday: Road Race
Sunday: Individual Time Trial and Criterium

Road Race Course Video

Event Website
Race Flyer (pdf)
BikeReg (closes on Fri 3/20)
RSVP on Facebook

– Dana

PS: what the heck is a blue hen anyway?

Update: Time changes, Women’s B RR is extended (thought it looked a little short..), etc. Read on for more from Joe.

Continue reading

Columbia/Stevens Recap by dpnation

Another semi-decent weather weekend down in Dirty Jersey! Temps hit the 50’s and the races were rain free. Karl, Dana, Matt and Chris all scored points this weekend. Matt also got a fancy beard trimmer for silky smooth legs. Allan unretired from collegiate cycling and competed in the Men’s 3/4 and B races. Columbia lied about having food vendors at the race. Amanda celebrated her Friday the 13th birthday by doing body shots off Applebee’s hottest waiter. And I consumed approximately 400 calories in cough drops in two days (where’s the low-cal option? Two words: White. Spandex.)

Results from the Columbia Crit at Grant’s Tomb are here.
Results from the Stevens Crit can be found here.

Ever wonder what happens during an all-girls slumber party? Trust me, there are no pillow fights with those sketchy Motel 6 linens. Here’s what you missed:

“It’s more fun to tell people they’re wrong.” –Amanda
“Maybe that’s why you have no friends.” -Susie

chelseas real talent

Magic eye according to Chelsea

“I am so good at those magic eye things. Like oh, a planet. Oh, a chicken finger.” -Chelsea

“When you say vacuum it looks like I love you.” -Amanda
“Don’t you mean olive juice?” -Jaime

“I’m not gonna lie, I’ve sprayed Febreze in the air and walked through it.” -Chelsea
[Jaime walks into the room and hears the topic of Febreze being discussed]
[Condescending tone] “So in high school I totally knew this girl who used to use Febreze as a perfume.” -Jaime, unaware of Chelsea’s previous statement

“Where do baby carrots come from?” -Jaime
Answer: Thank you Wikipedia. Naturally, the next question was how baby corn was made. Again, Wiki knows all.


Pics are on the way. If you took any from this weekend (ahem, Arjun and Karl), please upload to Facebook and/or Picasa.

– Dana