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2010 Season under way by booned
03/19/2010, 11:10 AM
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The first post of the season, I feel so honored.

Heading to Philadelphia this weekend with Karl, Andrew, and Jaime, where it’s always sunny. Compared to the weekends before this is a lighter trip; we’d averaged about 12 people the past two weekends. For all those not getting Karl’s emails, here’s a quick recap of Rutgers. Columbia’s recap is yet to come.


We headed out for the first trip the Friday of Spring break down to the Dirty Jerz. After a few well-timed bathroom breaks, we got there around 7 and quickly scouted a place to eat. We found a place called Espo’s and tried to make a reservation, but the manager laughed us off for some reason. When we got there it quickly became apparent why he had done so. Espo’s, as it turns out, was a building the size of a dorm in Walsh, and in it were strategically placed tables and ill-proportioned waiters. While we were waiting for the various pastas we had ordered to arrive, we gathered in the scene before us: twenty or so drunken bar misfits, a blonde with the largest tramp stamp known to man, and several lonely looking 70-year old men who, presumably, had not left the shanty in weeks. Once we had finished eating, we returned to the hotel where Karl shaved his legs.

After waking up the morning of the first race, we headed down to a meager Super 8 breakfast of english muffins and coffee, packed the bikes, and headed to the park for the ITT. We turned in some decent results for the time trial, with some getting their first taste of a collegiate race. Then we headed to Busch campus for the crit; by that time the sun was poking through the clouds and making for a very nice day of cycling weather. The first few races went without a hitch until it came time for Men’s C’s, where two guys decided to tag team Andrew Mina and put him to the pavement. Alas, we hope the first race was not your last. In their first race in B’s, Karl and Andrew turned in outstanding results; Andrew dusted most of the competition and got a nice 5th place finish, and Karl came across the finish line not far after. We returned to the hotel where we found a modest establishment to eat: Muscle Maker Grill. They actually had shelves of protein powder in the restaurant and each of us came away with a profound appreciation of Super Sandwiches and Power Pastas.

We prepared ourselves for the circuit race the next morning and took off towards another part of the Rutgers campus. Once again the sun was out, making for some very red faces and necks at the end of the day. BC Cycling turned in some more solid results, and no one crashed during the day. Once Rebecca was finished in Women’s B’s, we packed up the trusty KarlKar and headed back to school. After a slight detour to Starbucks/Target, we arrived back at around 6, just enough time to mentally prepare ourselves for returning to classes the next day.

That’s it for now, it’s time to head to Philly. We’ll be bringing back cheesesteaks and Tastykakes for anyone who requests them (may the cycling gods not become enraged and let them have mercy on your poor souls). Until then, Peace, Slainte, and stay classy.


Philly Phlyer Preview by dpnation

On deck..

The Philly Phlyer, hosted by Penn, Drexel and Temple.

Race Flyer (pdf)
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The first Team Time Trial of the season, along with a Circuit Race and a Crit.

More importantly, the triumphant return to my old stomping grounds. You better believe that we are stopping at Pat’s for cheesesteaks. However, I will have none of you embarrassing me, so it is imperative that you adequately prepare yourselves for the experience that is Pat’s.

Pat’s is open 24 hours a day and looks like this at 2am any given night. If it’s good enough for Al Gore, Obama, Larry King and NSYNC, it’s good enough for you. Hell, you know Rachel Ray was thinking about how many cheesesteaks she could make in 30 minutes.

What to order? It better involve steak. If you have a death wish, I suggest you inquire about their vegetarian options. You think I’m kidding.

The rules. Remember the Soup Nazi? This is the living embodiment of it.

CheeseWiz: Don’t knock it til you try it.

– Dana