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Sometimes it’s a compliment by chrisrak

By Chris

The Army Cycling Classic is by far one of the most anticipated races all season for your Cycling Eagles. This is just as much because the brutality of the races as because the fact that we normally have some epic crashes at West Point, including The Prep’s broken wing and Capt. Crash shredding his kits and giving the ECCC a little more to see than most people would have liked, not to mention the shame of all shames from two years ago that will not be mentioned in this public arena. The Critter and I drove down separately and in silence so nothing will be said about the insanity that must have been the van ride down. At dinner we learned that Amanda “The People’s Champ” Feirstein looks at the brighter side of everything, and I mean everything.  Firefly was in rare form all weekend, one fun fact that we learned about her was her favorite office supply.

Saturday morning we woke up late for cyclist times because as a team we are weak sauce and do not have any TTT teams. On the way to the race we saw one of the most bad ass street signs I have ever seen, mostly because it said Cyclist on the road. Our first race to roll out was the Men’s D, the race went pretty well for BC and Chris “Diesel” Rakovic ended up in 11th. Next up was the debut race of Ryan “Phelps” Distefano in his intro category race, in which he finished 7th.  After his race he said in complete exhaustion and I quote and by quote I mean make up because he is most likely a mute at least we have yet to hear him say a word “That was most definitely the most intense and difficult athletic competition I have ever been in, I don’t care if I am a varsity ACC athlete. Bicycle racing is the sport of god’s and I am glad to finally have manned up and participated in something worth while for once”  Now he probably didn’t think this but he should have. Next up Karl “Critter” Hornerlaw rolled out with the C field, he road very well on a slow leak but in the last lap with pretty good position going into the climb his legs could no longer pump enough to drag that mostly deflated tire to the top of the climb in the front of the pack. The Women’s B field was our largest field per usual this season, which I totally do not get but I guess that’s not a bad thing? The General and Arjun went to the hill to cheer on the ladies. I am pretty sure that most if not all of the Women’s B field no hates or abhors us. The girls all raced well with Dana in the front pack and Chelsea “Hoots” finishing in the second chase group.

We went back to the Amazing 8, yep it was better that super, and watched what we shall call my all time favorite cycling movie. Then off to dinner which was not mexican which we all wanted, but instead we went to a quaint little Italian place with a fancy window which we were able to watch a nice little show.

The Hill Climb began with BC and the Critter hitting the road hard. Next the General hit the road and during the climb some how pulled off bending his rear derailleur hanger. The ladies attacked the road next, with Hoots eating the road for breakfast and coming home with 11th. The crit was up next, our Men’s D just couldn’t position themselves correctly and finished worse than they had hoped. Karl “The Critter” Hornerlaw had a pretty good race, and even got himself a prime point. The Ladies were up next and let me get out of the way Dana (8) and Chelsea (15) did great in the race. Now we can talk about all anyone really cares about the success of “The People Champ” Amanda “Don’t Call me Frankenstein” Feirstein. Amanda tore through that crit like Sherman to Atlanta to steal a phrase from an old high school football coach. Firestone after the race said that if it were not for all the training.

Alright so this blog is really late, and pretty sub-par, but KELLY RIPPA.


2009 Road Race Season Preview by chrisrak

By Chris

So it has come time to preview the season that will be for BC cycling in the ECCC. Last year was a very successful team not only did we debut the best kits in the history of kits but we had some success in the road and put some people in the pain cave. This season we will be back in white and looking to build on our success for last year and not just on the bike, I will say it right now we are throwing our hat in for Sexiest Female Team.

Before I start to give you a preview into our individual goals and incentives, I must put in a disclaimer that almost none of the racers actually talked to me about their goals or even if I did I probably didn’t listen because either I had better goals for them or my goals for them sounded more kickass/hilarious. Also no quotes are direct quotes, they are most likely composites of things they have said, at least I am sure that they said all of these words at one time or another in their lives.

Beth “The Hero” Hanrahan: Where better to start my preview then with last year’s rookie racer that light up the field. Look for Beth to lull the women’s field into a false sense of security by missing a few early races then come in and set the ECCC aflame. Beth should step in and lead a very strong women’s team that will most indubitably be a force in the ECCC.

Dana “The Dominator” P: Dana has been quoted saying “Beth who?” when asked how Beth’s season will shape up. With talk like this it is obvious that Dana is primed to challenge Beth for leadership of the women’s team. Dana hopes that after breaking her wrist 7 times last year this year will have fewer injuries and more victories. Dana is eyeing a possible spirit of 69 winner’s jersey then with some good races and hopefully no crashes making her way up to the A field mid-season. She is also quoted saying “The Italian Stallion is in it to win it; if I come to race I will be in first place.”

Amanda “Frankenstein” Feirstein: Amanda the true veteran of the women’s team has come up with a whole new prospective and a whole new training method. Looking to make this her most competitive season Amanda has goals of scoring well in the Crits, specifically at Columbia and at the Xpot. “I would make the Xpot my only goal but just saying that word makes me sad and slightly confused, where did the beans go? and why were they replaced by and x?” Amanda once thought. I realize that most of you are holding your breathe to find out her new training secret. Well I will tell you she has shirked the bike for a full out WiiFit training method. So if you see her standing on her bike wiggling back and forth instead of pedaling don’t be alarmed, she swears it’s going to make her win.

Chelsea “Hooters” Amenqual: Hoots returning for her second season in white is eager for the season to start. She is quoted saying “I am going to eat up the road. Chomp Chomp.” This is actually the only true quote I will write. Look for Hoots to be competitive on the road, and possibly serving hot wings after the race.

Jamie “jPod” Lawlor: jPod makes her return to racing this year with a new leadership position on the team. Pod has been training well all off season and vows to make it out of intros and even has dreams of being competitive in B’s. Never the less be prepared for her to try to serenade the field in every race.

Susie Bresney: Susie will be making her return to the ECCC women’s peloton this year with tons of spunk and panache. I would write more about Susie but it’s hard to make fun of Susie and I wanted to use the words spunk and panache.

Karl “The Cannibal” Honerlaw: Karl does have some qualms with his new nickname and prefers his previous nickname “Roadrash”. Karl will be a leader of the team on and off of the road. Karl is looking to be competitive in C’s this year, with goals of winning a few sprints in the big crits.

Chris “Diesel” Rakovic: After a season plagued with crashes and maybe some indecent exposure due to a shredded kit at Army, Diesel is looking to bounce back and be a competitive force helping out his team leaders and to focus on the time trials especially at Yale. Look for Diesel to also go all out at the Xpot crit. Asked about this season I said “Finally BC has a Diesel rider, I feel it is what we have been missing all these years.”

Arjun Sudhir: Arjun has returned to the states from his trip across the pond to London. Arjun has much to say about this up coming season, his training, his bike, and well just about anything else and if you have 5 hours of free time I am sure he can give you the abridged version of it just ask him.

Andrew “I have seen the light” Meyer: Andrew is a new transfer to the team from some sub-par school in South Bend, but has seen the light and has joined the better school and cycling conference. Andrew has said that he is glad to be gone from the MWCCC and in the ECCC where the true collegiate cyclist race. Andrew hopes to be racing in B’s at the end of the year but knows that the competition in the ECCC will be far superior to that of the MWCCC.

Matt Nole: Matt will be making his debut to road racing in the ECCC. Matt has been training hard and is looking to hit it hard on the hills and put a few people in the pain cave.

John “The Kid” Logan: John is joining the team for his freshman season with the main goal of convincing his parents to let him race more than a couple of races this year. The other big goal for John will be to shave his legs. He has not yet admitted but we all know that he will eventually join the masses of the smooth legged army.

So get ready ECCC, BC is ready to ride and we will have our revenge.