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PSA: Women’s B by dpnation

Dear Women’s B category,

What the F? The past race weekend has proven that the ladies of the peloton need a referesher in everyday cycling manners and rules.

1. What’s up with the crashing for no apparent reason? What explicable reason do you have to turn your head to your teammate in a tightly packed group heading into a turn, lose your line, and take out a bunch of people around you? Silly errors create serious injury. Also, I’ve never heard such a potty-mouth from one Harvard cyclist. That was kinda awesome.

Look at Levi Leipheimer – he got all embarrassed about his crash in the ToC when he wasn’t paying attention and rubbed wheels with Lance, and karma got him back by breaking his butt. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we don’t have a fleet of spare bikes to choose from. Bones may heal, but carbon frames break forever. Think about it.

2. Why do people feel compelled to fly right off the starting line, and the ones in the back haven’t even had the chance to clip in? Let the group assemble, the girls jockeying for position in the staging area is already bad enough. I’m not saying to throw in the towel for a couple laps, but just give it a few seconds to get organized.

3. Common courtesy: remember when Lance Armstrong snagged his handlebar on a spectator’s bag in the 2003 Tour de France, and arch rival Jan Ulrich waited for him to catch back up? If When there is a crash, don’t take off. The people who escape the crash unscathed and those who had to slow down behind the crash are still racing. I know we’re chicks, but this is a gentleman’s agreement that any respectable cyclist adheres to.

4. Breakaways: is it just not in our DNA to allow a break to go for a lap or two? There are never breaks in womens races.. Anytime someone tries, it just speeds up the main field. What’s the deal?

General (not just applying to the Killer B’s):

– If you borrow someone’s equipment (bike, clothing, tools, etc.), you better return them in the condition that you received them. If you crash someone else’s bike, you should be begging for forgiveness and offering to pay for any repairs or replacements. Own up, people.

– Don’t expect to run a race on time if you don’t open up registration or the bathrooms until 20 min prior to the first event. However, cycling races never seem to run on time, so also be prepared for that.

– What’s up with the start/finish and the direction of a race that very morning?

– Guys, we really don’t need to hear about your stories about going #2.

– Collegiate cycling is centered around crits, not so much ITT’s or road races or circuits. If you suck at crits, you’re just gonna have to get over it (and stop making excuses – see Chris’ posting on that). C’est la vie.

– If you don’t bring your own trainer or rollers to a race, be aware that you may have to warm up on your own. First dibs go to the owners of said devices.

– What’s up with the weird facial hair this year? Is a full spandex outfit not attention grabbing enough?

QOTD: “Don’t those stupid girls know that only LA and DP can tweet from the peloton without crashing? Amateurs.” -Queen B



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yes, yes and..more yes.

Comment by hoot hoot

I’m officially petitioning the ECCC for the Hooters tank.

Comment by dpnation

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