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03/03/2009, 5:14 PM
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Like shopping? Hate cancer? Read on!

Giro has just rolled out the LIVESTRONG helmets for consumer purchase. Check them out here. Lance wears the Ionos, which is on the far right.

The gear that Lance is training in is available at a number of Nike retailers and on the Lance Armstrong Foundation shop.

What about the shades? Yup, they’re available at Oakley — those pictured above are Oakley Radars. Lance’s latest model, as first seen in the Tour Down Under, are the Oakley Jawbone. Other styles can be found here:

Of course, there’s the LIVESTRONG Madone that Lance has been riding (and sometimes not riding). There’s chatter that a version of this bike will be available for retail (we’re guessing Trek will concede the custom paint job and use decals), but most likely none of us will be able to afford such a rig, so that’s where our speculation will end.

Speaking of Lance, it was just announced that he’s now on Facebook.

– Dana


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