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Hamilton’s USA Road Champions Jersey by chrisrak

By Chris

I don’t know about you but after watching the AToC (Amgen Tour of California), I was wondering one thing. What was up with Tyler Hamilton’s USA Road Champion’s Jersey? I thought maybe it was just a very dark blue that looked just like the other Rock Racing jerseys because of the rain, I mean I did see more stars on his jersey and his Rock Racing symbol had the blue field with red and white bars.  I was relieved that I was not the only one that felt this way about the jersey. But alas do not be afraid our man is now sporting a truly Red, White and Blue jersey. It seems that Rock Racing waited till he raced out side our beloved nation to debut the stars and bars jersey, in the Vuelta Mexico. I definitely like the way they worked their new kit design into his champion jersey, although I still think that his Tour of Britain USA Road Champ Jersey was a little better, but then again I just really like Rock Racing’s Tour of Britain jerseys especially the green and gold jersey.

Now if you are still reading and checking out all of those sick pictures, that hopefully are linked to correctly, then like me you probably are incredibly bored and can not go out on the roads due to freaking blizzards in March. So how about I take a look back at a few past USA road champ jerseys: Levi Leipheimer had quite possibly my favorite US champ jersey and I was a little sad that he could not defend it and wear this jersey for a second year in a row, but once Hamilton won I was no longer sad just happy that my once disgraced hero was on the up and up.  So my Google skills are  horrible and the only  George Hincapie champion jersey I could find that was any good barely shows anything, which is disheartening especially since I did like his US Postal jersey better than his Discovery Channel one, except the fact that the American flag behind the world does give a subtle hint that we are amazing which is always good. It seems that most champions have gone with the tried and true stars on top bars on bottom jersey including, Chris Wherry, Freddie Rodriguez, and Mark McCormack with a particularly heinious rendition of the stars and bars.  I will let you all decide which jersey you like most, but I am just glad that the US allows the Champion have his own specific jersey unlike the ever unchanging champion jerseys of other countries like Germany, France , and Australia. If you want to look at a snap shot of some other national champ jerseys from around the world go here.


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I typically don’t like the USA champ jerseys because they tend to be pretty heinous (Hincapie’s Discovery one is a prime example). Keeping in tradition with my argyle loving southern roots, I really do like Garmin Slipstream’s outfitting of Zabriski. Although, I’ve never really met any argyle pattern that I didn’t like.

I tend to like the conventional and simplistic look of the Euro nat champs, like Germany or Finland. And of course anything from my grand daddy’s homeland of Italia.

Comment by dana

They crashed from wet paint on the road lifted from the rain. It was not dry!

Comment by will

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