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BC Cycling: Powered by Cheese Wiz by dpnation

The team headed down to my old stomping grounds this past weekend, the ‘iladelph. Of course, fate would have it that my beloved Wildcats were playing at the Garden and took out #2 Dook and #1 Pitt for a trip to the FINAL FOUR!

Yeah yeah, enough about my undergraduate institution — God wants me to be poor and well educated, hence why I’m at BC now. But I must give credit to Officer Rick’s van driving school my junior year for the safe and super efficient (5.5 hours including two stops) Philly-Bos trip. Everything went off without a hitch, with exception of Amanda the Liar playing the license plate game while the rest of the van (excluding the driver) unknowingly slept in the back.

your fearless van driver

your fearless van driver

Onto the races..

The race season weather has been atypically phenomenal, so balance was restored in the universe by raining both days in Philly.

The circuit/road race (apparently they couldn’t decide what it actually was) yielded points for two in Women’s B: Dana in 10th and Chelsea in 14th. Karl scooped up 22nd in Men’s C and newbie Andrew came in at 29th. Results can be found here.

After the Saturday race, the team commenced its eating tour of Philly foods. After hours of practice, I deemed most team members competent enough to order a cheesesteak from Pat’s without getting sent to the back of the line and/or shot. Chelsea wisely decided not to inquire about their vegetarian options.

Not water ice

Not water ice

We then proceeded to Rita’s where most of the team was too scared of eating authentic water ice and opted for custard instead (still, a solid choice). Unfortunately, I am blogging at work and unable to download pictures of said event, so I am substituting it with a picture of the delicious cannoli that I had at dinner instead.

Then having a moment of food remorse, we decided to go run the Rockie steps in hopes of  preventing our arteries from closing off entirely. Susie the Deliquent took photos, but gave up Facebook for Lent, so check back in a couple weeks and we’ll have some pics of yours truly dominating the stair race (years of running stadiums for crew practice finally paid off). Due to imminent exploding, we were not able to make it to Great Harvest or the other hundred food eateries I frequented at ‘Nova.

Sunday’s crit was flat and rainy, only for the sun to come out as we packed up the van to leave. Charles managed to make it through the crit only after 923046 tubes (good thing Arjun works at IBC and can score a few thousand more for spares).

The Women’s B crit had a few near-misses, but everyone emerged unscathed. I got so many compliments on my Slipstream armwarmers this weekend, maybe they will forget that I’m that b!tch who keeps attacking in races. And look, my first finishing photo. Some ho-bag from Harvard edged me out in the sprint (hi, Anne!) and I took 5th.

The Men’s C crit had Karl in 18th, Andrew in 25th, and Susie winning the 100m dash to the pit. Full crit results are here.

En summary: cheesesteaks + Tastykakes + turkey jerkey = cycling success

Sorry, one more time:

Next weekend is Army, the place where my bone structure failed me. RSVP here.



Small Wonder by chrisrak

By Chris:

Delaware Weekend Recap:

So our funding being pretty tight we were not able to send the entire squad down to the first state but a lucky few of us schemed our way down to that small wonder, using fake names, stolen identities, and zipties. Miraculously the trip to Delaware was 2 hours shorter than the trip to NYC last weekend. But alas we did not stay in our beloved Piscataway. The trip down did teach us many things like how Karl can do more with zip-ties than McGiver. Also on the trip certain team members formed a new dynamic to their relationship due to shared love of chicken fingers and disgust due to peecups. This also came close to changing one of their nicknames. Some more spectacular and riviting conversation ensued until we finally got to the Small Wonder, yes that is what the sign said not First State but Small Wonder, mreh.

We arrived rather early for the first race where many legendary lines were said highlighted by “That’s lady butt”. The lady’s rolled out bright and early and the eagletteshad a very strong race both finishing in the top 10. Dana finishing 7th and Chelsea “Hooters”Amenqual finishing 9th.  Next our Men’s C contigent rolled out with Karl “Critter” Honerlaw getting the only male points of the weekend, stealing 12th from his chase group companions. Chris “Unleaded” Rakovic recieved a well deserved butt whooping, well deserved because his choice of riding horses instead of concentrating on training gave him the wrong kind of legs, not sure what legs he brought but they were the wrong ones.  Also living up to the original moniker of Captian Crash, although it was barely a crash it still counted. After the Men’s C race, Hooters came by and showed off her and Dana’s new purchase, the weekend shirt. I have one bone to pick with the shirt, I mean it is cool and all and I completely applaud any extra cycling apparel you can get but if you look closely at the shirt the person on the bike is not riding a rode bike which is absolutely obvious due to the lack of drops on the bike.

Sunday brought the only true critique, or I guess you would call it a complaint, which is that I wish if at all possible that Sundayonly have one race.  Don’t get me wrong I loved both the time trial and the crit course but I wish that the TT was on saturday, just to make traveling a little easier. But that being said I am sure there were legit reasons for the two races being on sundayand they were good enough to make up for the late hour at which we made it back to The Heights.  The women both partook in the greatness that is the race of truth with Hooters coming in 9th. They arrived back to Captain Crash warming up and decided that throwing pink streamers in the back of his polar jacket would be a good idea, but alas it fell into his spokes almost killing him, it also sounded like a puncture and completely freaked me the creep out. The time trial was better than the road race for Capt Crash.

The crit was an amazing catastrophe, by that I mean it was amazing but it also had some unfortunate events. The women’s B race happened to hold the most unfortunate of events, which was the some pedestrians walked in front of the pace motorcycle and caused him to crash. This stopped the race and delayed it quite a bit it may have changed the race. This may have worked in our favor due to the fact Dana scooped up 3rd in the race almost edging out an A racer in the process.

The Men’s C critwas a less fun adventure, both of the racers feeling defeated and not being able to finish the race made the first few minutes of the car ride back less than enjoyable.

This recap is over fools.

Philly Phlyer Preview by dpnation

On deck..

The Philly Phlyer, hosted by Penn, Drexel and Temple.

Race Flyer (pdf)
RSVP on Facebook

The first Team Time Trial of the season, along with a Circuit Race and a Crit.

More importantly, the triumphant return to my old stomping grounds. You better believe that we are stopping at Pat’s for cheesesteaks. However, I will have none of you embarrassing me, so it is imperative that you adequately prepare yourselves for the experience that is Pat’s.

Pat’s is open 24 hours a day and looks like this at 2am any given night. If it’s good enough for Al Gore, Obama, Larry King and NSYNC, it’s good enough for you. Hell, you know Rachel Ray was thinking about how many cheesesteaks she could make in 30 minutes.

What to order? It better involve steak. If you have a death wish, I suggest you inquire about their vegetarian options. You think I’m kidding.

The rules. Remember the Soup Nazi? This is the living embodiment of it.

CheeseWiz: Don’t knock it til you try it.

– Dana

Peecups and Photo Finishes by chrisrak
03/18/2009, 10:11 PM
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By Chris

So its 9pm I have a 5 page paper on a book that I have not even opened the cover of yet due in the morning so what am I doing, duh blogging. Now I know that BC already has a recap of the weekends events but this post will have more embellishments and less chicken fingers.

I will start where all race weekends starts with the drive down. First let me tell you we were driving to Piscataway, NJ because we don’t like change and have booked that Motel 6 for the entirety of the ECCC race season including the Boston races. But anyways since the van got an early start we decided to go 95 the whole way. This was a fine option until we hit ol’ NYC and were stuck in traffic for a solid 12 hours or maybe less but it definitely felt like it, it felt like even more to one racer whose nickname is now been changed to Pee-pod. To spare you the gruesome details lets just say that’s one coffee cup I would never like to see again. Eventually after playing some license plate games we made it to our destination. You have already heard about the craziness that happened in the girls’ room. The guys’ room wasn’t as eventful although Matt “Hairball” Nole may have to get a new nickname but has become such a more legit cyclist.

Grant’s Tomb was in the morning and we were all ready to get racing. At the race we ran into Alan Rego, our former and possibly current? racer.  Also everyones family showed up to the race because I guess in order to be a member of BC cycling at least one blood relative must live in New York. After a short delay which allowed us to watch all the races, our first riders prepared to get to riding in the Men’s D race. The race went really welly including a photo finish 2nd place for Chris “Diesel” Rakovic


Even if Arjun told the entire team that Matt “Hairball” Nole had came in second, never doubt Diesel.  By the way taking a photo finish sprint for any place is completely bad ass, I mean look at that margin of victory.  Also if you are unsure if you got that high place just scream really loudly and the announcers will think that you got it, it also helps if you do actually win that sprint.

After that “The Cannibal” had a pretty uneventful race finish.  Our women’s team were next to roll out 5 deep in their B field. Their race was…eh ask them about it, I thought they were looking great but I guess there were some crashes that disrupted their race. We shall not get into that now because I mean the team and blog are dominated by the ladies and we need to have some more testosterone.

After the race it was off to a deluxe upartment in the sky. Where we gorged ourselves on much delicious food and most of us felt very much out classed and too stinky for such a great reception.

We arrived at the Steven’s crit the next day and immediately were terrified and began to take odds on who was going to die today. Dana had 1 to 3 odds, Hooters was at around 2 to 5 due to her previous day and Diesel was 5 to 1 odds. Surprisingly we all kept that rubber side down. Anyways we had another photo finish


Finishing photos are just friggin awesome.

On the way home no one wanted to get in the winner’s car because they all felt ashamed to be around such glory, but we told them Diesel and The Cannibal (who is finally accepting his name) do not care that you aren’t awesome its alright. Not eveyone can be fast and good looking, but if you ride with us maybe some of it will rub off on you.

To wrap the weekend up in a short couple of sentences because frankly I am pretty sure this is jiberish due to the fact that I wrote this piece by piece over a couple days. First the ride down was long and disgusting, we will never look at you the same Peepod. The Columbia was fast and amazing. The Stevens course was very challenging and if some people (read me) would have just Cowboyed up then it could have been an even better race, unless you are the Cannibal because he eat up that field. My brother came to both races and learned a whole hell of a lot about the sport and probably expanded his vocabulary a bunch, which is tough to do for a journalist.


Dual State Showdown by dpnation

Blue Hen Dual State Showdown
Presented by the University of Delaware
March 21 – 22

Saturday: Road Race
Sunday: Individual Time Trial and Criterium

Road Race Course Video

Event Website
Race Flyer (pdf)
BikeReg (closes on Fri 3/20)
RSVP on Facebook

– Dana

PS: what the heck is a blue hen anyway?

Update: Time changes, Women’s B RR is extended (thought it looked a little short..), etc. Read on for more from Joe.

Continue reading

Columbia/Stevens Recap by dpnation

Another semi-decent weather weekend down in Dirty Jersey! Temps hit the 50’s and the races were rain free. Karl, Dana, Matt and Chris all scored points this weekend. Matt also got a fancy beard trimmer for silky smooth legs. Allan unretired from collegiate cycling and competed in the Men’s 3/4 and B races. Columbia lied about having food vendors at the race. Amanda celebrated her Friday the 13th birthday by doing body shots off Applebee’s hottest waiter. And I consumed approximately 400 calories in cough drops in two days (where’s the low-cal option? Two words: White. Spandex.)

Results from the Columbia Crit at Grant’s Tomb are here.
Results from the Stevens Crit can be found here.

Ever wonder what happens during an all-girls slumber party? Trust me, there are no pillow fights with those sketchy Motel 6 linens. Here’s what you missed:

“It’s more fun to tell people they’re wrong.” –Amanda
“Maybe that’s why you have no friends.” -Susie

chelseas real talent

Magic eye according to Chelsea

“I am so good at those magic eye things. Like oh, a planet. Oh, a chicken finger.” -Chelsea

“When you say vacuum it looks like I love you.” -Amanda
“Don’t you mean olive juice?” -Jaime

“I’m not gonna lie, I’ve sprayed Febreze in the air and walked through it.” -Chelsea
[Jaime walks into the room and hears the topic of Febreze being discussed]
[Condescending tone] “So in high school I totally knew this girl who used to use Febreze as a perfume.” -Jaime, unaware of Chelsea’s previous statement

“Where do baby carrots come from?” -Jaime
Answer: Thank you Wikipedia. Naturally, the next question was how baby corn was made. Again, Wiki knows all.


Pics are on the way. If you took any from this weekend (ahem, Arjun and Karl), please upload to Facebook and/or Picasa.

– Dana

PSA: Women’s B by dpnation

Dear Women’s B category,

What the F? The past race weekend has proven that the ladies of the peloton need a referesher in everyday cycling manners and rules.

1. What’s up with the crashing for no apparent reason? What explicable reason do you have to turn your head to your teammate in a tightly packed group heading into a turn, lose your line, and take out a bunch of people around you? Silly errors create serious injury. Also, I’ve never heard such a potty-mouth from one Harvard cyclist. That was kinda awesome.

Look at Levi Leipheimer – he got all embarrassed about his crash in the ToC when he wasn’t paying attention and rubbed wheels with Lance, and karma got him back by breaking his butt. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we don’t have a fleet of spare bikes to choose from. Bones may heal, but carbon frames break forever. Think about it.

2. Why do people feel compelled to fly right off the starting line, and the ones in the back haven’t even had the chance to clip in? Let the group assemble, the girls jockeying for position in the staging area is already bad enough. I’m not saying to throw in the towel for a couple laps, but just give it a few seconds to get organized.

3. Common courtesy: remember when Lance Armstrong snagged his handlebar on a spectator’s bag in the 2003 Tour de France, and arch rival Jan Ulrich waited for him to catch back up? If When there is a crash, don’t take off. The people who escape the crash unscathed and those who had to slow down behind the crash are still racing. I know we’re chicks, but this is a gentleman’s agreement that any respectable cyclist adheres to.

4. Breakaways: is it just not in our DNA to allow a break to go for a lap or two? There are never breaks in womens races.. Anytime someone tries, it just speeds up the main field. What’s the deal?

General (not just applying to the Killer B’s):

– If you borrow someone’s equipment (bike, clothing, tools, etc.), you better return them in the condition that you received them. If you crash someone else’s bike, you should be begging for forgiveness and offering to pay for any repairs or replacements. Own up, people.

– Don’t expect to run a race on time if you don’t open up registration or the bathrooms until 20 min prior to the first event. However, cycling races never seem to run on time, so also be prepared for that.

– What’s up with the start/finish and the direction of a race that very morning?

– Guys, we really don’t need to hear about your stories about going #2.

– Collegiate cycling is centered around crits, not so much ITT’s or road races or circuits. If you suck at crits, you’re just gonna have to get over it (and stop making excuses – see Chris’ posting on that). C’est la vie.

– If you don’t bring your own trainer or rollers to a race, be aware that you may have to warm up on your own. First dibs go to the owners of said devices.

– What’s up with the weird facial hair this year? Is a full spandex outfit not attention grabbing enough?

QOTD: “Don’t those stupid girls know that only LA and DP can tweet from the peloton without crashing? Amateurs.” -Queen B